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Monday, April 23, 2007

Today's Virtual Blog stop 4/23/07

My book, Once a Brat, is at this very moment being reviewed by Jamieson Wolf and he is planning on giving me one heck of a sparking review a bit later in the week. (Wasn't this our deal, Jamieson? Did my check clear the bank yet? )

No kidding, he has already set up my interview on his blogsite, and he has some insightful questions about my military brat memoirs and actually brought up some more memories than what I put in the book.

Jamieson is one of the busiest writers I know, maintaining several blog sites and will soon have a book released by eTreasurers: The Ghost Mirror. Go on over to his blog site of the same name and find out more about it:

We both belong to Dorothy Thompson's The Writers Life yahoo group, and he keeps us all running to catch up with him. I asked him once how he did it all, and did he ever sleep? True to his nature, he responded, "The Wolf Never Sleeps."



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