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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Blog Stop for Today is in Germany!

Ah, Guten Morgen! Sweet words to this brat's ears! Although it's been over 50 years since I left Austria (under great duress, I might add) I still treasure the memories and the language of that place. So when Martina asked me to stop by for coffee and strudel this morning, I was there in a flash.

She's an army brat, too, and as such, we are sisters under the khaki. No matter how long our fathers have been retired, and we've quit being global nomads, some things never leave our spirits. When my daughter and I went to Europe several years ago, I felt something was missing. I loved being back in the places I had traveled to, in Germany, but still felt there was something lacking.....until we crossed the border into Austria, and the sweet words, "Gruss Gott" fell on my ears. That's it! The colloquialism used only in Austria and maybe parts of Bavaria. I was HOME. In fact, I bought a little wooden plaque with those words in script and nailed it to the inside of my front door. Every time I enter or leave the house, I touch the plaque, as in a ritual, and I suppose it is.

Anyway, we are going to be talking about our bratdom, so hang on, as sometimes we may lapse into German-speak. Allright, mach schnell (go fast or make haste) to Martina's blog:



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