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Monday, April 16, 2007

Virtual Blog Tour Stop for Today 4/16/07

Woo-Hoo! Today I am visiting with my publicist (oh, how I love saying that word, Publicist!) Dorothy Thompson, where she will be interviewing me about Internet Promotion. I had to admit that I knew nothing about putting myself out there as a presence to be reckoned with until Dorothy came along. As she worked with those of us in her The Writer's Life yahoo group, she came to realize we needed help in the publicity department. Particularly Internet publicity. So she formed her own company: and I was one of the first to sign up. My blogs were plain jane, my website amateurish, and I had no other ideas how to promote my works, so we chose my book Once a Brat to begin with.
My Google alerts have doubled, no doubt my hits on my website have increased, and she has arranged for these virtual blog tours, where other writers interview me about my book(s). So there's double publicity, for them and for me.
And when my next book comes out on June 9, 2007, she will be ready to publicize that book, too. I've already set up a blog for it, to tease readers into buying it when it comes out.
This lady knows her stuff. Go read her blog at the link above, and sign up!
This is not a paid endorsement, btw. Just from the heart of a writer who can now stick to her writing and let her publicist handle the rest. HER PUBLICIST! Love saying that.


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