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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once a Brat, Always a Brat

Why do I call myself a Brat? Well, I wear the title, Army Brat proudly. This does not mean I behave in a bratty way (although a couple of ex-husbands would disagree with this!) but this is a term for a child born into the military life. Somebody once said "B.R.A.T" means "Born, Raised and Trained" in the English military manner. Other thoughts have been on the term, "bratling" meaning a swaddling cloth of some kind. And, of course, the inevitable use of the term to describe a child. Any child.
But in the military community, this is considered a term of endearment. Of recognition amongst our peers.
Years after losing my Army Brat active status, I continue to amaze myself at how much my life was influenced by my first 20 years following my army officer father all over the globe. To this day, I find myself being subservient to such mundane things as speed limit signs (obey them, always) and displays in the grocery store (used to be "commissary" but I quit using that term long ago.) I was shopping with my son one day, and he grabbed up an item that said 10 for $10.00. I protested that I neither wanted nor needed 10 of whatever the item was. He looked at me and patiently explained, "Mom, you don't have to buy 10 of them. Get only one for one dollar."
I promise to post more on this site about my life as an army brat, and how it affects me to this day. Some good, some not so good, but all experiences contributed to the person I am today.

If you want to read more about my life as an army brat between 1938 and 1958, be sure to read Once a Brat, part travelogue, part therapy session, available on Amazon.com. or your bookstore may order it for you.

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